San Diego Floral Association
Ethel and Roland Hoyt Scholarship/Internship Program


THE HOYT SCHOLARSHIP/INTERNSHIP awards scholarships/internships to community college students based on demonstrated academic achievement, financial need, and an expressed interest in pursuing a degree in Floriculture/Horticulture (or related areas). Defined as, but not limited to:

• Agriculture
• Botany
• Landscape Design
• Landscape Architecture
• Irrigation Management
• Landscape Installation
• Sports Field Management
• Gray Water Management
• Drought Management
• Water Conservation
• Floral Design
• Florist Operation


Each scholarship or internship awarded will be received prior to the Fall Semester and distributed by the college. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR COMMUNITY COLLEGE FOR APPLICATION PROCESS.

Scholarship/Internship: Maximum of $1000


Students applying for a Scholarship or Internship must be in Students applying for a Scholarship or Internship must be in financial need, maintain a unit load of 9 units or more per semester, maintain a 3.0 GPA or equivalent.

Submission Process/Deadlines:

Students should submit Scholarship and Internship applications to the appropriate department/program coordinator of participating community colleges.  Please contact your school for eligibility.  


Recipients of the Hoyt Scholarship will be expected to spend 10 hours during the scholarship year to volunteer work with the San Diego Floral Association.


Scholarship winners will be invited to attend a San Diego Floral Association Quarterly meeting held in October to recognize recipients. Prior to that meeting, the scholarship recipient will submit a photograph of him or herself, a one-paragraph bio, and give permission (signed release) to SDFA to post image and biography on our website as well as social media entities.

For more information, please contact



Mission: To promote the knowledge and appreciation of horticulture and floriculture in the San Diego region.